The Dark Matter of Love

 Feature documentary

An eleven-year-old Russian girl learns to love her adoptive American family through a scientific intervention.



The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical
Feature documentary

A choir of children from the slums of Mumbai put on a concert of songs from the Sound of Music with a full orchestra backing.



Murderers on the Dancefloor

The story behind a YouTube clip viewed by over 51 million people in which 1,500 Filipino prisoners dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller.


Five Weddings, Five Funerals
Investigative Documentary

A film about a killer Granny accused of killing five of her previous husbands for life insurance money.


Trailer for ESPN film about 6 x NBA All Star Shawn Kemp who fathered sixteen children to twelve women.


Trailer for documentary about Putin’s Number One Enemy, Bill Browder.

Commercial for New York Charity ‘A Caring Hand’